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Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Me, myself has developed my own strengths and weaknesses that I will share through this post, as well as my goals that I am aiming to achieve in this new semester. However, I know that I cannot let my weaknesses control me, otherwise I have to overcome it in order to be a better student.

I have succeed in year 11 in particular way since I am able to maintain my strengths through the year. I am aware that I am an easy learner, able to adapt well to the changing environment, have determination to reach my goals, and able to socialize and communicate well with my friends and teachers. I am a new student here in IICS, in my old school, I learned things in Bahasa, while in IICS, I need to adapt and learn things in English. It is a new thing for me and through the early year of grade 11, I did struggled. But I can adapt well to the changing environment and catch up with the subjects materials fast enough to be able to get pass through year 11 with good grades.I have determination to reach my goals, if I have certain goals to achieve, I will be focused on it and try my best to accomplish it no matter what. I like to socialize, I consider myself as a friendly easy going person which makes me to be able to survived through year 11 well. By socializing, I am able to communicate with the teachers as well as my classmates clearly and asked questions about the things  I do not understand regarding the materials of the subject  I to improve my performance academically.

Despite all of my strengths, I also have weaknesses that I have to overcome. It is hard for me to focus on one thing at a time and I always procrastinate things which hamper myself in year 11. I need to improve my self and change the way I studied in order to improve my performances in school. To be able to stop procrastinating, I have to push myself to do things by making strict schedules and obey it everyday. Prepare homework organizedly and review all the things I have been taught in school regularly according to the schedule.

In my opinion , the most significant factors that contributed to my success as a student is determination and commitment. With determination and commitment, all things can be achieved and we can overcome all of our weaknesses.

In order to improve myself, I have set certain goals to be achieve this semester. My goal is to overcome my weaknesses and put my ideas to action. I determine myself to make a daily schedule regarding the things I should do and done weekly and obey it strictly. I will manage myself in a certain way so that I can have a strong determination and study better.

The last important aspect in achieving good academic performances in school is the community we surrounded with. The community we surrounded with really affect our performances, that is why it is important to choose our friend wisely and maintain a  good relationship with teachers and friends. Listen to teacher’s advice and obey the rules. Support each other and exchange knowledge because friends is our comrade-in-arms.





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