The producers of the movie Go Back to Where You Came From aimed to show its audience that life is not always easy. Life is full of discoveries and they wanted to open the audience’s minds regarding the lives in this world.

In the second episode of Go Back to Where You Came From, the participants are ordered to go to Malaysia where there are thousands of refugees living there. They slept on a refugee camp for several days where there is only one bathroom for over 50 people, whether they are men women or children. All of the participants have to blend in with the refugees and live in the same building as they are. They are forced to sleep together with the refugees in small spaces without any pedestal. During the days there, the participants are grouped into two groups, women and mens. All the women have to work as teachers for the kids in the refugee camp, while all the men have to work in a open field where other refugees work. Refugees are forbidden to work in Malaysia, so they are forced to work illegally as construction laborer or peasant. All of the participant have to experienced all of these activities so that they can feel what it is like to live as refugees. From the refugee camp, the participant are brought to an institution that work as an exterminator of refugees. So after experiencing the hard life of refugees, all of the participants have to be the one who catch and arrest them. It is very interesting, how the producers shows the participant’s emotions during this episodes.

Go Back to Where You Came From is truly a unique TV show. It helps people to open their mind and eyes, to see the bigger picture of the world and how people survive to live. Through the second episode, the producer showed that all the participants are discovering. Raquel, one of the participant, is one of the most protrude participant due to her behavior. She develops that life is not always as easy as she thought. She realized that the world is full of people that came from different backgrounds and she have to be able to accept them. Racism is not an answer to her problems. She develop herself into chum with foreign people, even African. In this world, there are many people like Raquel. This movie helps them to realize that life is not always easy and we have to appreciate God’s gifts.

After watching the second episode of Go Back to Where You Came From, I valued my life better. I can reflect and be more appreciative towards all the blessing that has been given by God. I can also spread more love to my family, friends, and more especially to those who are in need of affection.


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