My name is Eugenia Angel Yamin, but people call me Angie. I am a 16 years old student who is currently studying at IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) in West Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been studying at IICS for over a year now. Before I went to study at IICS, I studied at Santa Ursula for 11 years. It is a girls school with very strict rules, headed by the convent. Moving to IICS has been quite a wonderful experience, I have learned a lot of new things about friendship and adaptation since I moved there. Sometimes, get out from our comfort zone can be a good and challenging thing to do.

As a student that currently still learning, I am aiming to achieve certain goals in order to develop myself into a better person. One of my ultimate goal is to graduate high school with satisfying grades in my report card and get accepted into top universities in Europe. In order to achieve that, what I will do is start taking notes carefully and conscientiously and review them at least two days before quizzes or test  so that I can ask the teacher questions about what I don’t understand. Be more dare to ask questions to teachers and stop procrastinating. Procrastinating is my biggest enemy at the moment and I have to overcome it by making neat and organized schedule that I should obey in my daily live activities. As a faithful follower of Christ, I will not forget to to ask for His guidance in achieving these goals.

I love paintings and do artworks because it can get my mind off and escape from the reality for a while. Being able to put my ideas and thoughts in a canvas is such a great feelings. Other than that, my brain were trained to be more innovative, creative, and seek more weird and new things to do with the paintings to make it unique. I enjoy communicating and interacting with people, I like to get to know new people and learn to adapt in new environment. It is challenging and I like it. Learning about people can bring you to a whole new level of understanding about humans, it is exciting.